Emil van Hauth 1968
title - Emil Van Hauth 1899 - 1974

Professor Emil van Hauth was a well-known german painter and he painted numerous paintings and sketches. If you look at the paintings which I sorted into the chronological order, you can see that his style has changed over the years.

This website is mainly set up to collect information of all the paintings he produced in his life, and for people who are interested in the life he lived.

He also belongs now to the "Lost Generation of Artists" (Die Verschollene Generation), as they are all gone and lost a lot of their art work during World Wars. That's another reason why I am setting up this site, to have a gathering of all his work in one place.

So I hope you will enjoy this site as much as I enjoyed collecting and applying it to this web site.


Pascale Delaisse Kass

Last updated: The 18th of July 2008.

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