Emil van Hauth, born Hoffmann,on the 19 April 1899 in Mayen/ Eifel region, in Germany. He painted and did drawings at an early age. His father, Emil Hoffmann was a Pharmacist in Mayen and later in Bollendorf (on the border of Luxembourg). He was one of 5 kids: there was Ernst, Erich, Irma and Marie Therese. Irma stept into her father's footsteps and became a Pharmacist. Marie Therese (Ria), the youngest of the 5 kids, was my grandmother (1909 - 1995).

Emil van Hauth studied art at the age of 16 at the "Kunststudium" in Munich, Darmstadt, Berlin and Paris. He joined as a soldier on the western fontier in 1917/18. He was married since 1925 to an actress called Grit Hegesa. In the year 1933 - He was a member of the Berlin Sezession and he was the last president before it was closed down because of the Nazis. He lived since 1943 in the Rheinland region because of the war. In 1950 he moved to Bayern. He worked and lived a secluded life in the final years. In 1974 he died in Munich.

He often was set against the absolution of abstraction tendencies: "No painting would excist without object."

His work was on display in many galleries. The two World Wars had destroyed many of his life work, leaving only one third of his painings intact.

He now belongs now to the "Lost Generation of Artists" (Die Verschollene Generation), as they are all gone and lost a lot of their art work during two World Wars.

Emil van Hauth admired Cezanne and was influenced by Max Beckmann.


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