Peter McKeown


Completed February 25th, 2009

Mr McKeown created his own website with Webhost-Affiliate. He decided to contact me in January 2009, to give his website a renovation to increase the sales.





Friedhelm Lang

Willi Lang

Completed January 15th, 2009

Mr Friedhelm Lang wanted to create a website to display the paintings of his now deceased father Willi Lang. He saw the website I created for Emil van Hauth and contacted me in July 2008. I created the website in the German language only.




Pascale Delaisse

Emil van Hauth

Completed June 1st, 2008

I was eager to find a website to create. I realised that my Grandmother's brother was a famous german artist in Germany and even known in the USA. I noticed that his paintings were on display all over the intenet. My mother and myself also possess a few paintings.

So I decided to create a website that would describe his life and display his work. I created the website in 2005 and renovated it many times after that. The last renovation was completed on July 20th 2008.




Pascale Delaisse and family


Completed July 22nd, 2008

This is where it all started. The day I started sufing the internet and found out about webpages, I was intrigued. I taught myself the HTML coding and learned by examples how to create a website.

My first example wasn't very flash, but for a beginner I guess it was ok. As I studied Web Designing, I learned that there was so much more then just HTML coding. Of course, this website had many make-overs. The last one being completed on the July, the 22nd, 2008.




Portfolio of Pascale Delaisse


Completed November 22nd, 2006

The lecturer we had in TAFE explained that if we want to find work we had to create a Portfolio for our work. So this was part of an assignment as well as reference page for future jobs.




Guitare Stop

Guitare Stop.com

Completed December 6th, 2006

In the process to qualify for Cerificate IV in Information Technology Websites (Designs) ICA40305, we had to create a fake website. So I can not take all the credit for this website as we were 4 Students working on this project.